Why Your Home Service Company Needs Online Advertising

The days of running ads in your local newspaper, paying for radio spots, or shelling out good
money for Yellow-page adverts that go unanswered are over.

Smart home service companies are leveraging digital advertising. Facebook, Google, Instagram,
and YouTube provide target-rich environments for home service business owners to build their
brand, create awareness, attract targeted customers, increase conversions, and make more

7 Benefits of Using Digital Advertising for Your Home Service
Digital Advertising is Budget-friendly

Perhaps the best reason to use digital advertising is that it’s budget-friendly. For a relatively
small investment, you can experiment with advertising on social platforms, Facebook, YouTube,
Instagram, and Google, to see if your message attracts new home service customers.

Digital Advertising Lets You Target a Certain Audience

Many forms of advertising are available to your home service company, but which ones
produce the best results? Social Media allows you to target specific audience segments such as
only women, those young or old, homeowners or renters, or families residing in a particular
geographic area.

Digital Advertising is Measurable

Each social media platform provides the advertiser with real-time data to measure a campaign’s
effectiveness. Facebook’s Insights, for instance, let the advertiser see the reach, impressions,
click-thru rate, conversion rate, and other key metrics of each campaign.

Reach a Wide Audience Quickly

On average, social media users spend 147 minutes on their favorite platform daily. 2.14 billion
people shop online each day. Digital advertising makes sense. Investigate which social
platforms your home service audience favor and create a presence there.

Increase Your Home Service Company’s Visibility

People are looking for your home service company. Use social media to offer free advice,
answer questions, and be seen as knowledgeable, an expert in your field. Build relationships
that will surely turn into future business.

Capture Market Share

Your business is either gaining or losing market share, and working simultaneously in your
industry and market is challenging. Social media advertising allows you to advertise while
working. Your competition uses social media.

Improve Customer Trust

Building relationships on social media builds trust. Future customers can get to know you
before they do business with you. They also get to hear how you talk to current and past

8 Digital Advertising Tips for Home Service Company Owners
Know Your Audience

The entire planet does not need your home service. Therefore, take the time to understand
those who need what you offer. Are they townhome or single-family homeowners? Are they
individuals, or do they have a family, male or female, young or old, single, or married?

Set Specific Goals

Don’t just throw money at the advertising problem. Set specific goals that can be monitored
and measured. Are you trying to increase your revenue by 25% this year, acquire 10 new
customers this month, or would you like to offer a unique service in the next 30 days? Your
goals must be numeric to be measured.

Build Visibility Where Your Target Audience Gathers

You must have a Facebook Business page if your customers are on Facebook. If your
competition has a presence on Instagram or YouTube, your service company needs to be there.

Don’t Rely on Gut Feelings – Measure the Results

With multi-channel marketing, it’s essential to know if Facebook, YouTube, Google, or
Instagram are bringing you, new customers. Put your money to work on the platform that
shows the best results.

Don’t Market to the Entire World

The beauty of social media advertising is your ability to localize your message. You never know
who’s listening or reading your message when advertising on the radio, in the Yellow Pages, or
the local newspapers. Social Media makes it affordable for you to talk directly to your ideal

Up Your Game by Using Video

122+ million daily active users are on YouTube; you may find the platform the perfect place to
upload quick 1 or 2 minute-videos of before and after projects.

Leverage Customer Testimonials

There is no better form of marketing than word-of-mouth. Leverage customer testimonials
after the job are complete. Ask customers for a good word and post the responses on your
website or social pages.

Work with the Experts

Salty’s Media offers experienced teams to help your home service succeed, expand, and grow.
We are passionate about helping purpose-driven business owners leverage the marketing
power of Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and TikTok.

3 More Bonus Advertising Tips for Home Service Company

We couldn’t leave this Tips section without mentioning three more valuable tips to help build
your reputation and grow your home service business. Follow up on emails and voice mails
promptly to ensure your business stays healthy. While on the job, seek referrals from current
customers. Lastly, consistently deliver world-class customer service.

It’s Your Move

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things get better or new business opportunities to fall at your feet. Or you could click on Get My
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